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Giant E-Bikes - Featuring Hybrid Cycling Technology


Hybrid Cycling Technology bikes are advanced fully UK legal pedal assist electric bikes that let you travel further, faster with greater ease. Flatten hills and arrive at work, no sweat.


Giants fantastic range of E-bikes, offer something for everyone, from the Ease-E+ for the casual leisure rider to the Maestro equipped full suspension Full-E+ off road trail tamer.


Using 250w Yamaha Motors that are carefully selected and prepared by Giant, Custom display units that let you control power output and give you important information such as speed, distance and battery level.


Giant have used Panaracer to build batteries that are the best available, simply the best quality lithium ion cells, with the largest capacity and longest run time (up to 200km) and the highest number of charging plug ins compared to any other E-bike avaialble.


We stock a wide selection of the E-bikes, we also offer hire and demo bikes, come and see for yourself why Giant's E-bike range is a very real option for anyone with health and mobility problems, to those who want to be able to ride twice as many trail centres or Cat 1 climbs in a day.